Our History

DUM Brewery was born in 2010 as a home brewing project and it’s main goal was to provide good and unique beers to the owners. We soon discovered that our friends also wanted to drink good and unique beers. They told their friends that told their friends and soon it seemed only natural that we go porfessional and that is how this new journey began. Rewarding those who have had the patience to wait for so long, in 2013 at our third anniversary party, we released two commercial brews. In March 2014 we released our third beer. All this effort is to ensure that we can be on the shelves in a place near you as soon as possible.

Julio Amorim Moutinho
Computer engineer, project manager and business administration specialist, discovered the craft beer universe in 2010 during the holidays spent at Murilo and Marco’s house in Florianópolis.

Luiz Felipe Camargo Araujo
Filmmaker, opened up to the craft beer world when he had his first sip of a Weizenbock and recorded on video the very beginning of Opus home brewery. He has been trying to broadcast DUM’s crazyness on video ever since.

Murilo Henrique Marecki Foltran
Computer engineer, learnt how to brew in the nostalgic Opus home brewery with his roommate Marco Zimmermann, who taught Murilo during many batches and clean ups at their home in Florianopolis.



We attended to the South Beer Cup 2015 in Mar del Plata. We got a gold medal with Grand Cru in the Tripel Style, a silver medal with Petroleum Castanheira and another silver medal with the beer made to celebrate the 10 years of Mestre-Cervejeiro.com


We attended to the Festival Brasileiro da Cerveja 2015, the greatest beer festival in Brazil. We also got a bronze medal with Grand Cru in the Tripel style.


We attended to the Wikibier and to the 1º Festival da Cerveja de Londrina.


We attended to the 2º Festival da Cerveja de Cascavel.


We released Karel IV (DUM’s forth label) in the DUM DAY IV. More than 1500 people attended to the party, they drunk more than the 3.400 liters of beer of 70 diffeent labels from 30 different breweries and more than 2000 meals.


The Beer Maniacs is our new distributor for our bottles.


The project Petroleum is aproved at Catarse. The work on the movie starts.


The Grand Cru was realeased at the Festival Nacional da Cerveja in Blumenau.

We got a silver medal with Petroleum made at Gauden Bier in the category Americam Imperial Stout, there was no gold medal in this category.

The Wäls Petroleum got the bronze medal in the same category.

The project at Catarse to raise funds to the movie Petroleum was released.


Jan Kubis was the most mentioned lager in the panel made by the journalist Roberto Fonseca, in the blog Melhores de 2013 (Best of 2013).

We brewed the first batch of Grand Cru at Gauden Bier to release in the Festival Nacional da Cerveja in Blumenau.


We had a release party in São Paulo at Emporio Alto dos Pinheiros. Our friends from Liga das Cervejas Extraordinárias (League of Extraordinary Beers) was there with their beers, they are: Morada Cia Etílica, Cerveja Tormenta, F#%*ing Beer e Cerveja Pagan.


We served Petroleum in the award ceremony of II Concurso Paranaense de Cerveja Feita em Casa (the second edition of the Homebrew Competition in Paraná) and the mission was achieved with honour, the 50 liter keg was finalized again.


Londrina hosted the Setembeer Fest, it was the second Festival organized by PROCERVA in the country side of Paraná. It was very funny and a lot of new people were introduced to the craft beer world.


Cascavel (a city in the interior of the state of Paraná, which Curitiba is the capital) hosted the I Festival de Cervejas Especiais da PROCERVA (PROCERVA Craft Beer Festival), we brought 50 liters of Petroleum and it was over fast, people were curious about the black gold. Other beers from PROCERVA associates were over before the end of the event as well.
We also served our beers at the Mundo Gastronomico (Gastronomic World) with other breweries from PROCERVA (the Microbrewery Association from Paraná state). It happened in the pavilion at Parque Barigu in Curitiba.
A party to release our beers in Rio de Janeiro was hosted by Boteco Colarinho.


We started to produce our second commercial beer, Jan Kubis an American Pale Lager with 5,3% ABV and 53 IBU. Jan Kubis was released at DUM DAY III.
DUM DAY III, our third anniversary, was crowned with the release of our two commercial beers : Petroleum and Jan Kubis.


After 8 months, our registries were approved to produce our beers at Gauden Bier.
With the registries, we started to brew our beers in Gauden Bier’s 2500 liter equipment. The first Petroleum was produced there to be released at DUM DAY III.


Petroleum was the most mentioned beer for the second time in the panel Roberto Fonseca organizes in the newspaper Estado de São Paulo. This fact made us very proud, because the brazilian scenario changed a lot, but the people still remember the black liquid which doesn’t allow light to cross it.
We served Petroleum again at the Festival Nacional da Cerveja. This time, we had to do that outsite of the Festival because they didn’t allow to have homemade beers inside the Festival anymore. We also saw our friends and met new ones, this Festival is awesome!


We submitted our beer registries to MAPA (the government department responsible for this kind of registry) with Gauden Bier to produce our beers there. The stock of Wäls Petroleum doesn’t stop on the shelves, so we had to open a new front to try to kill the brazilian thirst for the black gold liquid.


A comparison between Wäls Petroleum and the homemade version was done by Mestre-Cervejeiro.com. We talked a little about our plans to open a brewpub in Curitiba, which is not viable for various reasons that we can’t do anything about.


In our second anniversary, DUMDAY II, we prepared a better party held at Hop’n Roll. It was a party for 450 people with more than 40 different beers. After that, our party entered in the Curitiba’s craft beer calendar as a festival of rare beers.


We went to the VII Concurso Nacional das ACervAs (The National Homebrewers Competition) in Piracicaba. There we met John Palmer, author of the book How to Brew, who tasted Petroleum and liked it a lot. He was one more to stimulate us to produce our beers in a commercial scale. We also got a bronze medal in the Russian Imperial Stout style with the homemade version of Petroleum, getting the scores 43, 41 e 37.


Another article was published in the VIP magazine and Wäls Petroleum was there, it consolidates the legend created over this recipe.
We went to the 3rd anniversary of Pão e Cerveja in the Praça dos Quatro Elementos in Nova Lima, in the metropolitan region of Belo Horinzonte. We participated on the live program a talking about the whole Wäls Petroleum story. It was a day in the history for Brazilian Craft Beer. After the party, we went to the Chiari Salumeria, a must visit place if you ever go to Belo Horizonte.


We did an ad for the release of Wäls Petroleum in Belo Horizonte at Stadt Jever, the oficial Wäls Pub at Belo Horizonte.
On March 15th, the first mugs of Wäls Petroleum was served to the public which loved the beer and finished all the kegs in the pub. It was an breathtaking start for us.
The release party of Wäls Petroleum in Curitiba was March 21st. One 50 liter keg and 15 boxes (with 12 bottles each) came from Belo Horizonte for this day. In 100 minutes, everything was gone. It was even more breathtaking for us.
Two days later, we went to Blumenau to another edition of Festival Nacional da Cerveja, at that time we had another experiment with Petroleum. We fermented the same wort with 4 different yeast strains: S-04 (the original), Edinburg, London ESB and Pilsner Urquell, the public decided to maintain the original yeast and we keep it. With the first batch of Wäls Petroleum we received a gold medal in the Russian Imperial Stout style in the South Beer Cup Competition.
The 3º Beer Day happened in Curitiba, it was very funny and the crowd drank Wäls Petroleum like there was no tomorrow. We didn’t have the homemade Petroleum, because of the Festival Nacional da Cerveja, but we had other beers like Grand Cru, Ciro Silva and Carlos IV. The public’s response was very positive for these new beers. At this festival we met a guy who would change our future months later, Ronaldo Flor, one of the owners of Gauden Bier, the brewery which we contract to produce our beers.


The journalist Roberto Fonseca, from Estado de São Paulo, did a panel with people from the Brazilian Craft Beer Scene and Petroleum was the most mentioned beer in the panel. We are very proud about that, and it stimulates us to continue to focus on our dream to have our own brewery.
We also released a series of videos recorded on the day of the first mashing of Petroleum at Wäls with all the people were that there.


Our dream comes true. The first batch of Wäls Petroleum was made on the last week of the January. That day was unforgettable for us and for Wäls. We met a lot of friends in Belo Horizonte, a city famous for its hospitality.
On January 26th, the newspaper Metro in Curitiba published an article talking about the beers made in the city. The article said the Curitiba was becoming the Brazilian Craft Beer Capital, perhaps it is overrated citation, but you can’t talk about the Brazilian Craft Beer Scene without talking about Curitiba.


The second edition of Semana Beneficente da Cerveja Artesanal (Craft Beer Charity Week) happened. It was a great success, just like the first edition. We did an auction during the soft opening of Hop’n Roll (a craft beer bar in Curitiba) that raised almost R$ 2300. This money helped the Natal do Adelar and the Associação Feminina de Proteção à Maternidade e Infância (a charity association to help little children and mothers).


We had the honour of meeting Jon maddog Hall, he visited our home brewery and we had a barbecue for him. It was so much fun and he recorded a video at DUM talking about the craft beer universe. Wise words from this great guy from the Linux world and who has been brewing for at least 20 years. This day was a mark in our history, our beer was tasted and approved by him.
We exposed our beers at the Festival Nacional da Cerveja in Blumenau, where we met Pete Slosberg, a beer and chocolate wizard, who was impressed by Petroleum and gave us some hot tips on how to improve it. We also had a meeting with the Wäls family to define the last details and to agree on the date for the first Petroleum batch at Wäls, January 2012. At the festival we had four different Petroleum versions with different levels of cocoa, there are still some bottles hidden with some friends. We also brought our first Yeast Wars, we got half of the wort from our APA, John Wayne, and fermented it with Pilsner Urquell yeast. At that moment was created Jan Kubis, our second commercial recipe.


At another beer festival, Wikibier, Petroleum was our star as well, the public didn’t know the beer so well yet yet and the passion for Petroleum started at that very moment. During the party José Felipe from Wäls made us the official invitation to produce Petroleum at Wäls. At that moment, we were entering the Wäls family, as they like to say.


We debut in our first Beer Festival, the Curitiba Homebrewers Fest. We served 5 beers: John Wayne, Petroleum (which disapeared in less than one hour), Moules, APU e D’ábel. Mid afternoon, all of our beers were gone.


We sent our beer to the VI Concurso Nacional das ACervAs (the national homebrewer competition) in Florianpolis. We reached the finals with our Rauchbier, but we didn’t get any medals. Anyhow it was so much fun and we met a great guy in the craft beer scene, the author of Radical Brewing, Randy Mosher. He even recorded a video wirh him tasting our beers and the Morada’s beers. At the end of the movie, he gave us his perspective of the brazilian craft beer market. During the party to announce the winners of the contest, Murilo gave an interview to Fabiana Arreguy from Pão e Cerveja (Bread and Beer, a radio program which talks about the craft beer scene and give tips about beer) where he asked for a place to commercially produce Petroleum in industrial scale.
On July 20th, we celebrated our first anniversary, the DUM DAY I. We held a party at Cervejaria da Vila, one of our favorite watering holes in Curitiba. We expected about 50 people but 250 show up! To this day we still apologize to people went out there and has to give up. It was so much more than what we had prepared for. It was thought but those who had patience were rewarded.


We brewed the first double mashed beer we heard of so far, with our friends from JunkaBeer, which also went commercial and is now called Morada Cia Etilica. The result was the barley wine APU in Vienna, a “mix” of our APU with the Double Vienna from our friends André Junqueira e Fernanda Lazzari. We still have some bottles hidden from ourselves for special occasions.


DUM was mentioned in an article about the craft beer scene in the Revista Vip (a magazine with national distribution).


Were participated in the 2º Beer Day, a festival that took place in the parking lot of the old Mestre Cervejeiro store, now called Templo da Cerveja. Two different versions of Petroleum were served, one with cocoa powder and another with chocolate. Our goal was to choose which one the public enjoyed the most. The chosen Petroleum was the one with cocoa powder. The sun was shinning so hard in Curitiba that day, that people got sun burnt and it was funny to meet them the next week with marks from sun glasses and watches. In only a few hours of event we were all out of beers.


The first Semana Beneficente da Cerveja Artesanal (Craft Beer Charity Week) was organized by us. The breweries contributed with beers that were sold in pubs all over Curitiba. The money raised from the beer sales was all donated to Natal do Adelar (Adelar’s Christmas, an organisation that holds a huge chiristmas party where food and toys are given too poor children and thier familiies).


We served our beers at the Festival Brasileiro da Cerveja (Brazillian Beer Festival) in 2010, Petroleum was there and we met a lot of people from the beer scene because of our oil: Marcelo Carneiro, Juliano Mendes, Stephen Beamount, among others. At this time, the beer thing started to get a bit more serious, it wasn’t the intetion but it started to take a turn. In this festival José Felipe from Wäls met Petroleum and took some bottles home.


DUM Cervejaria is created in Curitiba in Murilo’s backyard. The 117 liter pots were bought and John Wayne, our first beer was brewed.
The first Petroleum was made in the legendary 24 hour mash. It was our second recipe, we overdid the amount of malt s “a little” and it took 12 hours just to filter.