Making of Petroleum!

Posted on May 13, 2014

This is a new section of our blog about the making of the movie “Petroleum: the ebuliton of craft beer in Brazil”. There, we will go through the process of making a major motion picture. First of all, we need to documento what we already have, with technical terms, do the decoupage of the material. It means, we are cataloging the images to organize the work. In parallel, we are collecting relevant data to built a timeline of the craft beer in Brazil. Since the first historical record, in 1640 when the dutch people started to make beer in Recife. Thanks to all, until now, 549 supporters of the movie’s project. Companies with interest to support the movie, send an email to and get more information. Those who have patience will be...

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FAQ about the project Petroleum is ours!

Posted on Apr 3, 2014

Some frequent asked questions about the project Petroleum is ours! Q – How much money I can give? A – Any amount can be donated, but with R$ 30,00 or more, you can choose a reward. It’s up to you. Q – Which are the available payment options? A – After choose the amount of your donation, you can pay via Paypal, MoIP, bank statement or bank wire transfer. Q – What do I receive if I support the project? A – The rewards changes according with the donation value. We have DVD of the movie, t-shirt, your name in the movie’s credits, Petroleum 600 ml bottles just for this project (the amount of the bottles varies with the amount of the donation) and a dinner pared with our beers. Q – Brewery has to make beer, not a movie. Why make a movie of Petroleum? A – The movie won’t just show the story of the Petroleum, but the evolution of the brazilian craft beer scene since 2010.  We have loads of archive images and we are collecting data about the market with the greastest players at this market. Q – What happens if the project doesn’t reach the amount needed? A – Well, if it is not being successful, the Catarse will give you back your money. Q – And if the project get the money needed? A – You will receive you reward in August/2014. The movie will be ready near this date and will be a future reference about the market and the craft beer scene story. Q – Which is the movie’s duration? Is it a documentary? A – The movie will be a documentary with 70 minutes with the credits at least. Help us to make this project...

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Crowdfunding to raise money to produce the movie Petroleum is ours!

Posted on Mar 11, 2014

A few days ago, the section Paladar of the newspaper Estado de São Paulo published our will to produce a feature film about the story of the Petroleum. The movie will tell how this beer started at a backyard, went to Festivals, started to be produced at Wals, got national and international medals, arrived to Gauden Bier and it’s one of the few beers produced in two different breweries. In parallel, the movie will tell the evolution of the Brazilian craft beer scene since then. To raise funds to the production of the movie, we created a project at Cartase. This is the greatest and more successful crowdfunding platform in Brazil. The film will use images we made since the first batch of Petroleum, we will also record more testimonials in Blumenau at the Festival Nacional da Cerveja which occurs this week (March 12th to 15th). There are some images recorded by friends who will allow us to use on the movie as well. It is a movie with a low budget to the standards of the scene. The objective of the crowdfunding is to raise 50 thousand reais, part of this money will pay the Cartase’s taxes (circa 13%) and credit card taxes. The rest of the budget will be spent on the rewards and to the production of the documentary. At the end, 20 thousand reais will be spent to get the images, and create a good screenplay which depicts the story of the beer. We will give a panorama of the evolution of the Brazilian craft beer industry as well. The rewards for the supporters are: A Bottle of 600 ml of Petroleum (usually, it is sold in 355 ml bottles), developed just for the supporters, something for collectors A T-shirt to show you supported the movie DVD of the documentary Credits in the movie We created a reward that is a dinner for 2 people in the place where the first Petroleum was brewed. The event will have food paired with the 3 beers of DUM: Jan Kubis, Grand Cru and Petroleum, not necessarily in this order. For people who doesn’t live in Curitiba, we will contact you to arrange a good date for everyone. We hope to make the story of the Petroleum and the Brazilian craft beer scene clear to the majority of the public, and dig into the history of the artisanal culinary lost in the last century. Access the link, choose your reward and help us to tell this story....

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